Doggie dentist

I haved two dogs…Sketcher (an Australian cattle dog) and Angel (a Daschund).  Both were rescue dogs and both are well over 10 years old.

Angel the Daschund

Sketcher the Cattle Dog

As you can see from Sketcher’s photo, he has a bit of a dental problem.  He is missing his front teeth, upper and lower, canines and the little teeth in between.  He came to me that way, and he just won’t tell me what happened.  As a result, his remaining teeth (mostly “molars”) have been taking the brunt of the eating abuse.  So, tomorrow morning he is off to the vet to have a deep cleaning and at least one extraction.

Our vet is Goodfriends Veterinary Clinic in East Lyme, Connecticut, and they are great!  Not cheap, but great.  I’ll post an update on Sketch when he is post-op.


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