Three teeth and $300 lighter

The Sketch-man is back home after his traumatic visit to the vet today.  They remove three teeth, leaving him with about 20 teeth altogether.  Enough for chewing, I’m told.  He’s pretty out of it…high as a kite you might say…so I don’t want to put a camera in his face just yet.  Even I’m not that cold.

In other news…I saw the following at my local Rite-Aid

And they say there isn't a god

Just peel, place, lift and GO!

Now, I’m as gullible as the next person when it comes to the new and improved, but this makes me wonder how it all got started.  I’m picturing a wrinkly-legged person with a very large roll of scotch tape.  If this does indeed work, there will be no end to where huge pieces of adhesive will be placed.  Butt?  Breasts?

Might be time to invest in the stock of Goo Gone.


2 Responses to “Three teeth and $300 lighter”

  1. janice Says:

    hahaha! i am so gimicky i would be the stupid fat person who buys this

    • irstenkay Says:

      I’m beginning to think this is why all those ladies on the red carpet, not wearing tights or nylons, have such firm looking legs. If I try it, I’ll be sure to post before *gulp!* and after photos!

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