Back to (almost) normal

Sketch is now back home, safe and sound.  Last night, when he was high as a kite, he was as mellow as I have ever seen him.  Unfortunately, it won’t last.  He’s eating soft food (a.k.a. doggie heroin) laced with lots of good drugs.

Here is a gratuitously graphic photo of his couch-recouperation:

I'm so stoned, I don't care about the blood.

And now, I’m going to weigh in on all the Tiger Woods messiness (because I know you are all sooooo interested!).  As someone in the PR field, I am most impressed with Tiger’s *former* ability to keep his skank-filled extra-marital sex romps out of the public eye.  It was totally teflon!  He was as squeaky clean as a public person could have been.  Golfers, non-golfers alike seemed to really admire him.

Unfortunately…that has been totally annihilated, thanks to, well, Tiger.  Now that the shiny, smooth surface of his persona has been scratched away, it seems everyone and their slutty sister is coming out of the woodwork with a bad case of the “me too’s.”

The most recent gossip is that he was doing it “raw dawg” (which, for the uninitiated, means no condom) brings it to another level.  I don’t want to be a total man-basher, cuz I happen to really like men :-)…but if you’re going to cheat, about the only saving grace you could do would be to use protection.  I really don’t understand it.  At that point, I wouldn’t care about the health of Tiger, but he was putting his wife AND children at risk.

Come on guys, use the big head for once!


3 Responses to “Back to (almost) normal”

  1. daisydog Says:

    Hello Sketcher! Hey sorry about losing your teeth, but that just means you will be able to get the yummies soft nommies! i hope you feel better soon, thanks for dropping by my blog and saying hi!

  2. Teal'c Says:

    Hi Sketcher and Sketcher-Human! 🙂 Poor you… I have never been to the dentist and I don’t want to after I haven seen your pics 😦

    Cool that your human rescued you guys!
    Slobbers from Down Under Teal’c

    From my human: Well – except from the fact that what Tiger did was certainly not ok we must give him some credit here: he kept that perfect family image up for a long time. I actually believed it…

  3. Life With Dogs Says:

    We went through a rough dental job with our Greyhound a few months ago. Messy and no fun. But he feels much better for it…

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