Can I get an ALLELUJIAH!

Don’t you love it when form follows function?  Yeah, me too.  As someone who has traversed the globe many times, the biggest pain in the butt is packing shoes.  They are bulky, take up more room than is necessary, and are, well, dirty.  Then, I came across this in a magazine:


This is Bally’s Medaki Shoe Bag.  Such a genius idea!   When I would travel for work, I would have to pack clothes around one pair of shoes, since that is really I could pack.  Now, the options are limitless!

The big drawback:  the cost is $1,610.

Here’s hoping Samsonite will make a much cheaper version.  In the meantime, I might try to experiment with a doctor-type satchel and see if I can’t re-create this brilliance.


One Response to “Can I get an ALLELUJIAH!”

  1. janice Says:

    oh–great idea–not great price—i am sure the cheap spin off will follow

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