Feeling crafty

This probably doesn’t technically qualify as crafty…there is no decoupage, pipe cleaners or felt involved, but it is about as crafty as I get.

The previous owner of my place painted the bedroom a really ugly baby blue color (sorry, I didn’t take a “before” photo), and after two years, I finally had enough.  So I marched myself down to the local Home Depot and, after being overwhelmed by all the color choices, finally settled on “Smoke Oyster” by Behr.  And four hours later…viola!

The new, soothing boudoir.

I am, admittedly, not good with color.  I can tell my reds from my greens, but I get bogged down in the subtle colors.  Smoked Oyster is described as a neutral grey with red undertones.   Sometimes, it looks more pink, other times, more lavender.  But…I like it.

The two lamps I also bought at Home Depot.  They only had one in the box, and the display…So I managed to get the display for 70% off, bringing the total for the two lamps to about $50.

The sunburst mirror over the bed I bought at A.C. Moore and was on sale for 50% off.  I believe the final price I paid was something like $35.

I might be dating myself, but does anyone remember ColorForms?  They were these vinyl cut-outs that you could place against different backdrops, and then remove and use again.  Kind of like stickers, but re-useable.

Well, I saw the grown-up version at Michael’s and thought…finally!  No more stenciling, no more hideous wallpaper borders (which I will be spending the next month removing in the rest of my house…thanks former owner!).  I bought one of a tree and put it up like so:

It was super easy to use, and could be easily re-positioned so you could get it just how you like it.  I think it sticks by static, so it won’t leave any messy residue, and no creating nail holes from hanging pictures.  Also perfect if you rent and aren’t allowed to do any real decorating.

Next project:  Removing previously mentioned hideous wallpaper border.  I’m feeling queasy already.


One Response to “Feeling crafty”

  1. Mona Says:

    ahhh, me loves home decor related stuff! 😀 nice branch 🙂

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