My questionable fashion sense

I’m not ashamed to say I shop at Wal*Mart.  Being born and raised in a capitalist society, I am genetically obligated to home into the lowest price.  That being said, I do find it strange that I can pick up soymilk, tires and a frying pan all in the same place.  And, yes, clothes.

What I am about to tell you cannot go further than this blog.


*deep exhale*

I bought some of the Miley Cyrus clothing line at Wal*Mart.

Now, hear me out.  First, they were cheap.  Second, they were actually cute (as evidenced below):


$12.99 too!

On sale for $7.00!

See…cute, right?  And they don’t even smell like trailer-trash.

While doing some Christmas shopping at the local mall, I walked through the shoe section of Macy’s.  On the sale rack, I saw some funky bootie shoes in my favorite color:  caramely camel.  But, they were by Jessica Simpson.  I hate to admit it, but her shoe line has some really nice styles, but I have always been turned off by the fact that they are by her.  She has always seemed…how can I put it…mildly retarded.  But, as the shoes were 50% off, with an additional 15% off, I thought I would give her a chance.

What do you think?


In these shoes, I’ll finally be the height I’ve always wanted to be.


2 Responses to “My questionable fashion sense”

  1. Luda Says:

    Those are not shooz. Those are stilts!

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