Shhh…Don’t tell Mom

Hey Bloggers!

Angel here, the loveable 13-year-young Daschund.

Don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful

Mom went to refill her cup of inspiration juice (a.k.a. coffee) so I snuck onto the laptop.

I’ve heard there are some blogging doggies out there who have checked me out (thanks!) so I thought I would write about my bestest trick to go O-U-T.

I really don’t understand why my human prefers to stay inside when there are all kinds of little furries outside to chase and kill (sorry PETA) and loverly smells to roll around it (I prefer the term perfume).  So, when I feel Mom has spent quite enough time on her computer, I do this:

Ho hum...just hanging pressure Mom

Cool, huh?

Now, I’ve been living with Mom for only a couple of years, but she has already become immune to my first go-round.  She pats me on the head and says, “Oh, that’s cute Angel, but it’s not time to go out yet.”  Hrmph!  We’ll see about that.

Next up, I sqink my eyes almost closed, like so:

Oh, the torture of being inside!

When I hear my Mom do a real loud SIGH, I know she’s weakening.

Finally, my coup de gras:



let's goooooo!

P.S.  If you’re wondering how Sketcher is doing after his three extractions, he’s doing well enough to eat an almost entire container of gum!

There was at least 30 pieces of gum left in there

Here’s a pic of how many teeth he has left:

Look! Sketcher has to get his toofuses brushed now! hahahahaha

Unfortunately, the vet didn’t remove his very poor attitude.  He’s such a doofus.


12 Responses to “Shhh…Don’t tell Mom”

  1. Jordan Says:

    that is so adorable.
    your dog is super cute.

  2. Nancy Lupienski Says:

    Hi Angel it’s Stella von Deisel, I have to say that I don’t see the big deal with going outside…I live on an 18 acre horse farm, with lots of critters an smells but I much prefer to lie on a pillow on the couch. Give it a try, you may really like it.

  3. Luda Says:

    Yer right, Angel. Sketcher shore duz not have meeny teef. How on erth did he chew all that delishus gum.

    Yer pal,

  4. Mango Says:

    Those are advenced begging moves for sure. I just stick with the howling at the door. Works for me.


    • irstenkay Says:

      Hi there Relentlessly Huge! I’m Relentlessly Small 🙂 Yes, my moves have taken years of practice and training, though I think I might start practicing some yodeling. Mememememe

  5. Dory Says:

    Angel…you are GOOD!! I may have to use those moves on my Mama so she takes me for a walk!!


  6. Houndstooth Says:

    You have trained your human well! Keep working on her — they’re never too old to learn new tricks!


  7. Teal'c Says:

    I do the starring thing. Just sitting there, very quiet – STARRING! It seems to distract my hoomans from whatever they do and I get what I want… Mostly that spellz w-a-l-k-i-e-s! 🙂 But you are really cute as well and your hooman seems to fall for it… Mission accomplished!
    Slobbers Teal’c

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