Bad choice of post title

So I was reviewing my blog stats and saw that someone (you know who you are) came across my blog via a PORN site!  It seems that my title “Shhh…don’t tell Mom” has some kind of nefarious, perverted meaning.

All I could think was…my poor little Angel!  I feel like she was sullied by this weirdo (who was most definitely disappointed by my blog).

And yes, I’ve been Purell-ing like crazy.



5 Responses to “Bad choice of post title”

  1. Houndstooth Says:

    That makes me wonder about how many times people were disappointed after reading my blog titles! I say keep ’em guessing!

  2. Mau Says:

    My nickname is “Maudchen” and my blog Maudchen is very close to the German word for “Mädchen” (Girl) – guess how many clicks I get 😉

    Cheers mau

    PS: and Teal’c but psssssssssst! 😉

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