I is not a doofus!

Dang that Angel dog gettin on this here ‘puter, tellin all da world that I’m some kind of doofis.

Well, I’m here to set the rekerd strait.

My name is Sketcher, king of my domain, eater of all foodables (and sometimes non-foodables), and very reluctantly, brother to Angel dog.

Heroow...I am The Sketcher

For 5 glorious years, I was the only dog in my house.  I rested securely in the knowledge that my mommy was mine alone.

And then….this happened:

THIS is not what I wanted.

My mom got all leaky eyed when she heard about poor little Angel being on her last day at the pound.  Apparently, her family that had her for her entire life (10 years) dumped her.  So mom said she would take her and they shipped her all the way from Arkansas.

To say I was put out was an understatement.  But mom gives me hints that I am still Number One Dog.

Such as…she lets met nap on the couch with her.

In yer face Angel.

And, in return, I sometimes give her a special Sketcher pedicure.

And what color nail polish would you like today mommy?

And as if it couldn’t be any more clear cut than that…I recently developed a spot on my tongue that is surely a sign from the great DOG in the sky.

I'm special!

So I hope all my fellow Dogs with Blogs out there take what that Angel Dog says with a very big grain of salt.

Yer pal,



7 Responses to “I is not a doofus!”

  1. Teal'c Says:

    I wouldn’t worry if I was you – WE ARE ALL SPECIAL!!!!
    And my mom says that she doesn’t understand how someone can dump a dog!! Regardless after how many years – it’s a cruel world. 😦
    Slobbers Teal’c

  2. Mango Says:

    That’s right! Don’t let the little pest forget who was there first. I often have to push my annoying brother out of the way when it is time for Mango loving.


  3. Luda Says:

    Hey, Sketcher-

    I know jest how yoo feel, having to share yer mummy’s luv with Angel. I have been the only dog child here at my howse fer almost a yeer, then abowt a week ago, Mummy started leeving fer a wile, and wen she comes home, she smells like other dawgs! Mummy hasn’t bringed enny other dawgs home with her, yet – but I thank she jest mite be getting a stoopid idea.

    Yer pal,

    • irstenkay Says:

      Oh no, Luda! That does not sound very good. I would recommend being a very, very bad dog for a couple of weeks, then maybe your mommy will think, “Hmm…maybe one dog is enough work!” hehehehe…the ‘ole reverse psychology! Good luck!

  4. Houndstooth Says:

    I understand! If everyone believed what my sisters say about me…. Uh oh! I need to go do some reading and fact checking!


  5. Joe Stains Says:

    We finally got Mom to add your blog to our blog list so we can come on by and visit you. Sorry your sibling is messing you up, I know all about that.

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