Nordstrom, why do you hurt me so?

Oh, Nordstrom…you know I love you.  We’ve been together for many happy years, and you’ve never done me wrong…until now.

I ordered some various items from and, while I appreciate them shipping quickly, they don’t ship “greenly.”

Out of about 10 items, they shipped one all by itself.  A lowly MAC eyeshadow, in a very big box with LOTS of paper.

Can you see the small eyeshadow, in the little black box?  Wouldn’t a bubble-pack-envelope been just as good?

So, Nordstrom, if you read this, while hurt by your recent lack of environmental consciousness, you can make it up to me.

My proposal:  I would LOVE it if they had an option to ship all items together (assuming you’re not in a hurry for something…which I wasn’t).  It would save me money, save them money and save the environment (less packaging, less petrol from several shipments).

Not only a good environmental policy, but it would be a great PR campaign.  I’m just saying.


2 Responses to “Nordstrom, why do you hurt me so?”

  1. Houndstooth Says:

    Seems like it would have been a lot cheaper for both of you to send it in a padded envelope!

  2. Mau Says:

    That is just ridiculous!
    A friend of mine just bought me a fridge-magnet: “Think! It’s not illegal yet” I’m seriously considering to print it on post it’s and stick it to peoples foreheads when required!!! 🙂

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