Look at your shoe collection in a new way

I have been hunting for a lovely nude / taupe platform pump for a long time, and the only ones I find that I like are, of course, obscenely expensive.

For example:

Prada, retails for $730

Christian Louboutin, retails for $895

Christian Dior, retails for $590

All lovey; all horrendously overpriced.  Even if I could afford to buy them, I don’t think I would.  I would be so paranoid wearing them, I wouldn’t enjoy them.

So, I came up with an idea.  Actually, stole an idea from an ex-boyfriend’s room mate (the best thing I got from that ex-boyfriend).  I commented on her shoes one night and she said she got them at a thrift store and painted them a different color!

What?!  That’s BRILLIANT!  So simple, yet…well…BRILLIANT!

So, off I went to the craft store to buy some spray paint specifically for plastic.  I bought Krylon’s Fusion in ‘Satin Khaki.”

Here is my “project shoe” before:

This is a very cheap black, open toe shoe from Target.  I think I paid around $20.

Here is the shoe with one coat of paint:

It is a bit of a bitch to tape off, since I’m not painting the heel or the platform section.  There are so many curves, that using a straight tape is difficult.

With three coats of the color spray paint:

I didn’t really like the satin finish…I wanted something more high gloss.  So I went back to the craft store and bought a clear, high gloss spray laquer:

And the finished project:

Hopefully, it won’t crack when I wear it, but I don’t really care.  I’m just proud as punch for being so crafty and saving myself over $700!

Let’s see…that means I can go shopping, right??


7 Responses to “Look at your shoe collection in a new way”

  1. Houndstooth Says:

    Very nice, I have to say! I might even have to try it!

  2. Salinger The Pug Says:

    HOLY CRAP! You are a friggin fabulous GENIUS!!!!

    Mom is putting “red Krylon” on her shopping list because she wants some “whore-y red” peep toes just like the ones you have in your pic (only yours aren’t whore-y)!

    Let us know how they “wear”! OH…you could totally paint the inside of the heel red to look just like those luscious Louboutins!

    …and YES, I am quite the authority on ladies’ fashion footwear!


    • irstenkay Says:

      Hi Salinger,

      Being gay and all, you are automatically a fashion authority! I might try to totally rip off the Louboutin look with the red!! I’ll do an update post on their maiden voyage.

  3. gus, louie and callie Says:

    What a great idea…
    Enjoy your shoes..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  4. Mau Says:

    That is an awesome idea and your arts and craft skill are up to scratch 🙂 Not that I would ever wear heels… Don’t get me wrong – I think they are absolutely hot and if you can pull it off to walk in them, then go for it. I’m just far to practical. Heels are uncomfortable, heels hurt, heels give you blisters and hooker (there we go again) heels are suicidal!!!! 😉 So nice cowboy boots will do for me and I have dark purple ones!!!!

  5. gus, louie and callie Says:

    Happy New Year new friends… We are hoping to get to know you even more in 2010…

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

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