Clean sheet night + a discovery

There’s something about clean sheet night that I just love.  Ensconced in clean, fluffy sheets is very comforting.  I have flannel sheets, which I use year round…I love the softness and warmth.

Unfortunately, while washing my sheets yesterday I noticed this:

Sketcher has a little problem.  When he is very very tired, he starts scratching before he lies down…and he won’t stop.  It’s like he’s in a trance.

After about the first dozen or so sets of sheets he’s ruined, I wised up and just began closing my bedroom door when I wasn’t home to supervise.  How this happened, I can only guess…he probably does it during the night.

Sketcher, of course, has plead not guilty.


8 Responses to “Clean sheet night + a discovery”

  1. Kari Says:

    innocent till proven guilty I say!

  2. Houndstooth Says:

    I’m sure some maruading cat made that tear! Yeah, that’s the ticket! Dog claws couldn’t do that!

    Sketcher, if they take pawprints, you may be in trouble!


  3. annienz Says:


    “No it could not have been me, see, I’m awaaaaay over here on the other end of the bed. Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”

    We often get that here too – usuallyin regard to who stole the socks or shredded the tissues. Hehehe


  4. stvincentdepaulds Says:

    ACD = OCD
    Of course he’s not guilty.

  5. Mango Says:

    Sure, blame the dog. Could be ghosts or something or maybe mom just needs to trim her toenails.


  6. Salinger The Pug Says:

    Sketcher…we totally believe that you’re innocent too. Maybe you could write to OJ Simpson for help in finding the REAL perp? He might have some good tips to share in your search!

    Good luck, dude!


  7. Teal'c Says:

    Hey – it is a lot of work to practice this innocent look. And Sketcher is doing particularly well! 🙂
    Slobbers Teal’c

  8. Joe Stains Says:

    Obviously you haven’t heard of spontaneous sploding sheets. You might want to do some research before you go throwing accusations around!! 😉

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