Out damn spot!

Ugh.  I have just hit a new personal low.  I am finally trying to get out the numerous spots on my horrible carpets.

As with everything about my place, it was built on the cheap.  Cheap light fixtures, cheap cabinets, and yes…cheap carpet.

With two dogs in the house, carpet has become the bane of my existence.  Sometimes, late at night, I wonder, “What is trapped in the carpet?  What kind of awful mold or microscopic vermin is in there?”

Then I’ll start to feel imaginary bugs on me and…well…let’s just say I wake up very tired.

So, I’ve put this off long enough.  Until I have the money to rip out the carpet en mass and replace with gleaming, sanitary wood floors, I have accepted my fate as Stain Killer.

Here are my weapons of choice:

A four-step process:  spray – sprinkle – scrub – vacuum.

Here is a “during” photo (forgot to take a before, but trust me…they were dark (probably coffee) spots):

And….the after!

Hrm…well…looks like I traded dark spots for white spots.  I suppose my next project will be to do the ENTIRE carpet…which is what I thought I was avoiding by using this “spot treatment.”

I guess “spot treatment” is really code for bleach.


7 Responses to “Out damn spot!”

  1. cyndi Says:

    yeah, been there done that. It didn’t work for me. My house is tile from one end to the other. I like it because it’s amusing to watch Stumpy sliding around. Paybacks you know…

  2. irstenkay Says:

    I will be sooooo happy when that carpet is wasting away in a landfill!

  3. Nancy L Says:

    What lies beneath carpet is really really scary. I am going to need a haz mat technician when I pull up my living room carpet.

  4. Houndstooth Says:

    Oh, I am so sorry! Would running a steamcleaner help now that you have the spots out?

  5. irstenkay Says:

    Probably, but since I want to get rid of it, I don’t want to spend any more time or money than I have to…I’ll just have to learn to “be one” with the stains!

  6. Dennis the Vizsla Says:

    “Works on any color carpet! As long as it’s white!”

  7. Joe Stains Says:

    STAIN KILLER?!?! 😦 Mom says you can rent one of those deep steam cleaner machines and that might work!

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