The sounds of silence

One night a week, the doggies have a sleep over at Grandma’s house.  This lets me a) have a meal in peace and b) sleep in the next morning.

A bonus is the fact that they are very, very tired when they come home.  I’m sure Grandma lets them stay up late and eat ice cream in bed.

Here is a video of a snoring Angel and a tongue monster Sketcher.


3 Responses to “The sounds of silence”

  1. Kari Says:

    awwww love the snoring and puppy dreams

  2. Mango Says:

    I like daycare days because stupid PeeWee just comes home and eats and goes right to bed and doesn’t bother me. Of course he still finds the energy to be annoying if momma tries to work with me on my tricks. Sigh.


  3. Kelly Says:

    how precious! I just got back from vacation and wished Koda was there with us 😉

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